Essential Montessori Baby Value Set

We have hand-picked our most well-used and loved materials for babies from 8-9 months plus, creating the perfect starter set for a Montessori baby.  This must-have set offers baby a wide range of learning activities and fun! 

Valued at $198.50!  Save $20.00!!

Our gorgeous set includes:

  • Coloured yarn balls with box - these gorgeous soft knit balls are fun for baby to roll, throw and squish.  Baby will start to learn his colours while also learning about motion and gravity through play.  Such fun!
  • Square, Circle and Triangle puzzles - these individual puzzles are perfect for baby to start learning about fitting objects into the correct shapes while also learning his colours and shapes.
  • Imbucare Peg Box- Our much loved Peg Box helps baby perfect hand-eye coordination as he inserts the pegs into their holes and takes them out again.  He is also learning about order, building up his concentration, independence and knowledge of colour.
  • Imbucare Box with Ball - There is something transfixing for baby about placing something in a hole and watching it appear through another hole.  The Imbucare (posting) Box with Ball teaches baby about object permanence, as well as establishing the pincher grip as he learns to open the drawer to rediscover his ball.
  • Infant Coin Box - A similar concept to the Box with Ball, the Coin Box consists of five large coins to be posted into the top of the wooden box.  The shape is more challenging to post and provides an irresistible challenge for baby. 

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