Baby Shower Gift Set

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift?  Look no further.  We have put together the perfect Baby Shower Bundle any mother to be will be delighted with.  Our hand-picked set includes:  



  • Ring with Ball -  a gorgeous natural beech wood ring with a red wooden      bead to rattle inside the ring.  Perfect for developing hand/eye co-ordination, motor control and to aid in teething.
  • Cage rattle with ball -  Another stunning rattle, this time one that can be rolled across the floor, keeping baby entertained and encouraging motion.
  • Wooden grasping material - a beautifully simple material which encourages babies from as young as 3 months to swap their grip from left to right.
  • Bells on ribbon - a lovely material to introduce sound to baby at around 6 months.  Encouraging her to reach and grasp she will want to keep repeating the motion to hear the sound again and again.
  • Interlocking discs - The two connected wooden discs is perfect for baby from around 6 months.  The material encourages hand-to-hand transfer which in turn encourages the development of both sides of her brain.

Valued at $79.00! 

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